Hal Leonard has announced that DJ Shortee has released four new courses to her series at Groove3.

Shortee’s Complete DJing Method now features new videos for beginning and intermediate DJs about learning to mix with a Traktor Controller, how to use CDJs and a mixer, and how to mix vocal-based music.

Shortee's Complete DJing Method

Shortee’s Complete DJing Method is the ultimate guide to becoming a well-rounded DJ. Currently, there are 17 courses available.

The most recent additions are:

  • The Complete Guide To Beginner DJ Mixing With A Traktor Controller
    The course covers essential skills to match beats and mix music using a Traktor controller, including manual adjustments, ear training, beat matching, and beginner mixing techniques!
  • The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with CDJs and a Mixer
    Shortee explains how to handle the jog wheels, various ways to cue up your songs, three different ways to listen using your headphones, how to identify the beat, how to tune your ears to be able to isolate the drum sounds within your music, and more.
  • The Complete Guide to Beginner DJ Mixing with CDJs and a Mixer
    This course is ideal for those who have completed the previous course, and also perfect for intermediate and advanced DJs who are transitioning from another gear setup over to CDJs.
  • The Complete Guide to Intermediate DJ Mixing with Turntables and a Mixer, Part 1: Vocal-Based Music
    DJ Shortee teaches you how to find all your possible mix points in your vocal-based music so that you can quickly create your DJ sets, both planned and improvised on the fly. She shows you how to dissect your vocal-based song structures, step by step and in multiple ways, so that you can easily identify all the ways you can mix your songs together and ultimately speed up your entire mix creation process. Included in this course is Shortee’s original Mix Set Worksheet that you can re-use over and over to create your DJ sets.

The courses are now available at Groove3.com. Individual courses are available for purchase or to rent with Groove3’s All Access Pass for $15 USD/month.

More information: Groove3 / Shortee’s Complete DJing Method