Best Service has released Modern Pop, a sample library by Digital Loopline.

Modern Pop is a passionate and inspiring sound journey that combines the distinctive style of modern electronic music with different types of pop music, lounge, chillout and new age. The characteristic features of this extraordinary library are based on its rhythmic elements, such as percussion loops, drum loops and special grooves, as well as in its harmonic elements, such as melodies and chords which are at times soft and gentle, at other times dynamic and powerful.

In addition to the loops, percussion, brass, electric bass, guitar and piano sounds from live recordings, this unique collection contains a great variety of synthetically compilated loops, such as synth basses, moog sounds, synths, leads, pads, bells, filtered sounds and modulated sounds. These were all created with the most modern technology in a high quality studio setting.

Modern Pop features

  • 2.2 GB DVD, 35 Construction Kits in 24-Bit / 44.100 kHz.
  • 800 Wav / Acid Loops, 400 Rex2 Loops, 1000 Wav One-Shots.
  • Sounds include kickdrum, snaredrum, clap, hihat, shaker, percussion, crash, drum loop, special groove, electric bass, synth bass, moog sound, synth, pad, Lead, bell, string, hit, brass, piano, e-piano, organ, guitar, ethnic guitar, arpeggio sound, filtered sound, modulated sound, noise, special vocal and fx-sound.

Modern Pop is available to purchase for 87 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: Best Service / Modern Pop