VST Buzz has launched a two-week sale on Best Service’s The Orchestra Essentials, the free Kontakt Player-powered virtual instrument library that introduces you to Sonuscore’s famous symphonic family.

With 99 inspirational presets, this orchestra plugin for beginners is your perfect entry to explore the extensive possibilities of symphonic composing.

The Orchestra Essentials is your fast track to orchestral composing. It comes with a carefully selected curation of instruments from The Orchestra, Strings of Winter, and Horns of Hell and is powered by Sonuscore’s groundbreaking ensemble-engine.

Take your first orchestral steps and create amazing music in no time!

The Orchestra Essentials features

  • Breakthrough ensemble engine.
  • Play freely or create stunning orchestral colors with simple chords.
  • Carefully selected curation of instruments from The Orchestra Family.
  • 99 inspirational ensemble presets.
  • 38 string, 12 brass and 12 wind-articulations, plus playable percussion and choir.
  • 5.72GB of data.
  • Fast loading times.

Regularly priced 99 EUR, the instrument library is on sale for 49 EUR until February 14th, 2023. Prices ex. VAT in EU.

More information: VST Buzz