Morevox has announced the release of an update to its free collection of impulse responses, Battery drum kits, and more.

The new Free Pack 2023 adds 10 stereo and immersive soundscapes, 4 new Gogs, 2 new Battery kits, and the AUX impulse response library by Sabino Cannone.

AUX is a Compact Impulse Response Library that features a collection of Classic Studio reverbs. It’s the perfect Aux Send Destination for your Tracks!

Free Pack 2023 features

  • 38 Gogs.
  • 11 SPL DrumXchanger Kit.
  • 13 Battery Kits.
  • 1 EXS Kit.
  • 13 free IR library (350 IRs in total).

The ~2GB pack is free to download from the Morevox website.

More information: Morevox