BetabugsAudio GetaBlitch Jr.

BetabugsAudio has released a Universal Binary version of GetaBlitch Jr., a freeware sequenced gate effect plug-in.

GetaBlitch Jr. stops audio from passing through until it receives one of two user-defined MIDI notes. These may be programmed as a MIDI part, or played live. This stopping and starting of the audio is referred to as “gating”.

GetaBlitch Jr. features

  • Note L & R: These knobs allows the user to set which MIDI note will control the opening of the Left and Right channel’s “gate”.
  • Channel: The user may select which MIDI channel (from 1 through 16) will control GetaBlitch Jr.
  • AttackDecay: This function is “hidden,” and therefore accessed differently by each host. The AttackDecay parameter controls the time for the volume to reach maximum after the gate opens, and then the amount of time for it to return to zero once the gate closes.
  • In addition to simply “opening” and “closing” the gate, the MIDI messages allow you to control the amplitude of the audio being passed through. With a note velocity of 127 (the maximum MIDI velocity), your audio will pass through at its original volume. Any other velocity will lower the volume of the signal by a scaled amount.

GetaBlitch Jr. is available for Windows and Mac.

Visit BetabugsAudio for more information.