Mind Flux has introduced some new sound packs geared towards Tech House music production.

Afterhours Tech House (£10 GBP) is crafted for the nocturnal soundscapes of modern dance floors, drawing inspiration from the genre-defining grooves of classic figures like Carl Cox and Green Velvet, alongside contemporary trendsetters such as Fisher, Solardo, and Patrick Topping.

The Fly Tech House Drum Rack for Ableton Live (£1 GBP) offers a meticulously crafted toolkit for producers seeking to push their creative boundaries. The drum rack combines premium quality with intuitive design, ensuring your beats stand out in the bustling tech house scene.

Featuring a diverse mix of keys and scales, the meticulously curated Switch Tech House collection (£10 GBP) offers a rich palette of sounds to fuel your creativity. Whether you’re sculpting a deep, groovy baseline, designing intricate drum patterns, or layering ethereal synths, each element in this pack is crafted to not only fit seamlessly into your projects but to elevate them.

More information: Mind Flux