Bible Truth Lion Truth Synth

Bible Truth Lion has released version 1.5 of Truth Synth, a free virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

There’s no fat on this baby. It’s built to perform and is available as a VST Instrument or Stand Alone version. This is a handy tool for sound design or instrument mimicry.

Changes in Truth Synth v1.5

  • Updated the GUI.
  • Added Pitch Bend Functionality.
  • Added Portamento.
  • Added Selectable Voice Management.
  • Re-Ordered the Presets. (A few of the Presets may be a little different compared to previous versions. If your projects depend on certain presets, you may want to keep using older versions of Truth Synth in addition to version 1.5 – That’s what I do.)
  • Now compatible with the latest Cubase Software.

Truth Synth for Windows is available as freeware.

More information: Truth Synth