Big Fish Audio has released Darkness: Cinematic Sound Design.

Big FIsh Audio Darkness Cinematic Sound Design

Volume 2 of the Cinematic Sound Design series, Darkness is a collection of 2.8 GB of original loops and samples created for use in film, TV, games, and the more dystopian forms of Metal, Hip Hop, Grunge, etc.

All of the sounds in this project were created from “real” sources; i.e., no synths were used on any of this material. The drones, rhythmic loops, soundscapes and effects on DARKNESS were derived from recordings of things like metal bridges, cables, dumpsters, machines, and metal-stringed instruments such as waterphones, detuned autoharps, and one very old and beat up piano harp. The source recordings were then subjected to a battery of plug-ins and effects, loaded into samplers, and then played to create the finished loops and atmospheres.

The samples can be used in standard wav format or take advantage of our custom kontakt interface for our kontakt users. The kontakt format includes the ability to edit and tweak loops and to easily add effects to further takes these samples to new and original places.

Darkness: Cinematic Sound Design features

  • 2.8 GB or original content.
  • Includes 20 Dark Soundscapes, 119 Dystopian Drones, 100 Hits and Impacts, 119 Industrial Loops, 110 Metal FX, 45 Risers, 101 Twisted Stringed.
  • 132 Kontakt Patches.
  • Available as Apple Loops, Acidized WAV, REX, and Kontakt formats.

Darkness: Cinematic Sound Design is available to purchase for $69.95 USD.

More information: Big Fish Audio / Darkness: Cinematic Sound Design