Big Fish Audio Hip Hop Exotica 2

Big Fish Audio has released Hip Hop Exotica 2, a sample library featuring a fresh installment of cross-cultural Hip Hop and World Beat.

The Track Star team delivers this second installment of cross-cultural Hip Hop and World Beat. Producers Josquin des Pres and Fabien Renoult once again morph musical styles in these uniquely crafted, one-of-a-kind compositions. Hip Hop Exotica 2 soars over all continents blending the sum of most exotic Asian, Middle Eastern, Indonesian, Latin American and African instruments with east and west coast grooves. Sitar, santur, baglamas, bouzouki, flutes, koto, tzoura, marimbas, jubus, shamisen, oud and malawi flow over beds of scorching gangsta beats. The result is the most ground-breaking new millennium Hip Hop you’ve ever heard!

Hip Hop Exotica 2 features

  • 36 construction kits.
  • Each kit contains a full mix and each element broken out individually. Also included are drum hits and multi track drums from each drum mix.
  • 4 GB of content on disc.
  • 575 MB of REX files, 1.7 GB of Apple Loop files, 1.7 GB of acidized WAV files, 883 WAV files.
  • Instruments include: Drums, Guitar, Oud, Shana, Duca, FX, Xylophone, Flute, Percussion, Santur, Bouzuki, Bass, Synth, Brass, Koto, Jubus, Sitar, Banjo, Organ, Tzoura, Baglamas, Shamisen, and more.

Hip Hop Exotica 2 is available for purchase now for a special price of $79.96 USD (regular price $99.95 USD).

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