Goldbaby Productions has announced the release of Big Little Tonic, a sample pack featuring the sounds of the PO-32 synthesizer from Teenage Engineering.

It’s not a small calculator, it’s a huge drum machine! The PO32 is the amazing collaboration between Teenage Engineering and Sonic Charge and I have given it the Goldbaby treatment.

775 x 24 bit wav samples including drums, FX and even a few synth and bass sounds. All recorded through tasty studio hardware in the Goldbaby studio: UBK Fatso, ez1073-500 Pre & EQ, Fat Bustard II Valve mixer, Elektron Analog Heat, Strymon Deco, EM-PEQ Pultec style EQ. I even recorded a few of the sounds directly from the tiny PO32 speaker.

The pack comes with patches in popular formats (Maschine, Ableton Live, Geist, Battery, Kontakt, EXS24 and Reason), and a bonus collection of patches is included for those who own the MicroTonic software synthesizer. These were created while developing the sample pack.

Little Big Tonic costs $19 USD.

More information: Goldbaby / Big Little Tonic