Patchpool has announced the release of Toolbox for Soundtoys FX Rack, a collection of presets for the Effect Rack that is available as part of Soundtoys 5.

The pack offers a collection of 107 presets for Soundtoys’ rack for building custom effect chains.

Toolbox for Soundtoys FX Rack contains a versatile collection of 107 presets (including some variations) for a wide variety of styles.

From dreamy ambient spaces to edgy beat processing to intricate delay lines and groovy pad gaters, from endlessly sustained ambiences and creamy filter-scapes to total sonic mayhem, from deep flangers and modulated tapestry to outstanding instrumental spaces, just pick a preset from your toolbox and start making music.

All presets are programmed 100% wet for inserting the effect rack on a bus.

Toolbox for Soundtoys FX Rack is available for 22 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Toolbox for Soundtoys FX Rack