Big Tick Audio Zen

Big Tick Audio has released version 1.5 of Zen, the a universal presets manager for Windows and Mac.

The biggest change was the creation of a core library, mostly because I am starting to have requests from companies who want to license the Zen engine (database searches + online synchronization) to build their own preset browser.

Changes in Zen v1.5

  • Major code rewrite, separating Zen into a core library (ZenCore) and the Zen Browser itself.
  • Added midi-controlled “virtual bank” slots, where presets from different vstis can be stored.
  • Replaced tooltips with a contextual help box.
  • Added support for Zen-aware plugins, including assets management.
  • Added ‘hidden’ flag to permanently hide presets from search results.
  • Fixed various UI refresh issues.
  • Fixed crashes when duplicating instances in Ableton Live.
  • Fixed button for creating own tags on OSX.
  • Invalid designer keys are now rejected immediately.
  • Optimized dynamic memory allocations.
  • Changes for 64bits compatibility.

Zen is available for Windows and Mac as freeware.

More information: Big Tick Audio