Bitsonic has released a public beta of WT-01 RED, a wavetable synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Bitsonic WT-01 RED

The WT-01 RED is a virtual analog synthesizer. The software has two different sections. RED is intended to be easy to manage, because the two sections can be effected separately.

When we originally started to work on this software, we couldn’t have imagined the result will go above all of our expectations. We asked ourselves many times whether there’s a need for another Virtual analog software after Sylenth, Massive or Serum. The answer: we really think there is. This software can rival others similar to it. Just listening to the presets gives inspiration.

WT-01 RED features

  • User friendly interface.
  • Dynamic sounding with 210 presets. The user can also buy more presets.
  • 4 main Wavetable based oscillators, each one with 221 different sounds.
  • Layered oscillator.
  • 1 Sample based player, with 90 different sounds.
  • Dual Panorama, Gate, Filter, Arpeggio, Delay, Phaser.
  • Reverb.
  • Compressor.
  • Keyboard Split mode.
  • The user can save Wavetables.
  • The user can load Custom Wavetables.
  • The user can change the pitch with Vibrato, simple pitch, or envelope pitch.
  • Transient increase.
  • Custom Tremolo.
  • Bit crusher.
  • High quality wavetable synthesis.
  • Wavetable editor.

The WT-01 RED beta is available for download for Windows (32-bit VST).

More information: Bitsonic / WT-01 RED