After a short beta phase, Bitwig has announced availability of the Bitwig Studio 4.1 update, which features 8 new Note FX devices, the ability to add new color palettes, and more.

Notes help us make music, triggering our sounds both on the timeline and in performance. But what if notes did more? As signals that dance and curve, notes can truly be a creative force in Bitwig Studio. Operators gave new behavior and animation to sequenced notes, and with Version 4.1, eight new note effects are bringing a wealth of performance-ready possibilities. So with 20+ processors now included, we say…

While each note effect device has a focus of its own, some themes emerge. Many add randomization to each note that passes through. A couple of these musical tools make notes more similar, and others diversify them. Most of these devices put notes into motion, including three different kinds of “note repeats.” And this is all before you try two effects together, or add Bitwig’s modulators to the mix.

Bitwig has also introduced a new sound package that brings out the best of the new 4.1 features.

Notes in Bloom contains presets for combinations of Bitwig’s Note FX devices, like Bend, Dribble, Humanize, Multi-Note, Note Repeat, Randomize, Ricochet and Strum.

They’ll make your played and held notes repeat, dance, bounce and create interesting rhythms in real time, so you can use them while playing live.

This package contains Instrument presets with Note FX devices, or as Note FX devices placed in a Chain container with handy Remotes already mapped. You can also load them into your Instrument track as Note FX device presets so that you can use your Instrument of choice. There are also 40 Bitwig note clips paired with the new Instrument presets that provide a different and creative way to explore Notes in Bloom.

Anyone with an active Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan can download the installer from their account. Only the new devices Bend, Humanize, Quantize and Randomize will be available in Bitwig Studio 16-Track.

New users can take advantage of the Winter Special and save up to 100 USD/EUR on a purchase of Bitwig Studio until January 11th, 2022.

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