Black Corporation has announced the Deckard’s Dream MK2, an 8-voice analog synthesizer inspired by the the iconic Yamaha CS-80 polyphonic analog synth from the mid ’70s.

Black Corporation Deckards Dream MK2

The MK2 version of the synth comes in a new tabletop format with woodsides or rack-ears (both included). It also features additional controls over Sustain modes and timing.

DECKARD’S DREAM, or DDRM, features eight voices, each with two identical layered parts consisting of a 100% analog voltage controlled oscillator made with discrete waveshapers, analog lowpass and highpass filter (each with their own cutoff and resonance settings,) noise generator, unique multisegment filter envelope, and VCA + ADSR envelope. Each layer also features its own independent programming section for MPE-based velocity and polyphonic aftertouch control of its filter cutoff and amplifier settings.

DDRM’s perfomance section features global pitch control with coarse & fine-tuning sliders, layer 2 detune slider, independent keyboard range control for each layer, mix balancing between layer 1 and layer 2, global filter cutoff and resonance offsets, and a global LFO to control both layers’ filter/pitch/amplifiers simultaneously.

DDRM was created with full expressive performance control in mind, and boasts programming sections for global MPE-based control over LFO parameters + pitchbend, as well as global key tracking control over the filter and amplifier settings of both layers. Finally, there is a global portamento/glissando slider affecting both layers simultaneously. The level of expressive control these parameters give over a performance is something found in very few synthesizers, and the result are stunning!

DDRM features full MIDI control and the ability to store 128 presets per bank across 3 banks, integrating this classic synth concept seamlessly into the future of your modern studio needs.

Priced $3,749 USD, Deckard’s Dream MK2 is available for pre-order for $1,199 USD with expected shipping in June 2020. The remaining balance of $2,550 USD is to be paid when the product is ready for shipping. The Kit version is $999 USD.

More information: Black Corporation

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