Black Rooster Audio has released a new audio plugin inspired by the acclaimed Altec 1567A vintage tube mixer. OmniTec-67A is designed to add saturation, harmonics, and subtle distortion to your vocal, bass, and drum tracks.

The OmniTec-67A vintage tube preamp turns even the most sterile of signals into a rich-sounding production by introducing lush vintage tube saturation and that 1567A sparkle. From gritty vocals to saturated drums and harmonically complex mixes, this vintage classic with a twist can do it all.

OmniTec-67A features

  • Inspired by the classics: This plug-in was inspired by the Altec 1567A vintage tube preamplifier, and of course, includes the Black Rooster Audio twist that we’re known for.
  • 3 Tube Types: The OmniTec-67A features three tube types, providing you with a variety of options to add warmth and saturation to a track. Each tube type offers a different frequency response, output gain, and harmonic range.
  • Line/Mic Switch for Basic Gain Staging: The plug-in includes a line/mic switch, which allows you to select a source – each with its own frequency response and behavior (Mic impedance vs. Line impedance). The plug-in auto-compensates at the output stage.
  • Classic 3-Band Equalizer: As an extension to the original unit, we have added a vintage 3-band EQ. Its frequencies have been meticulously selected to provide you with even more options than its hardware counterpart did.
  • 2 BIAS Voltage Options: The bias control heavily influences how the tubes are driven, having an effect on their temperature and resistance. If they are too cold (over-biased), the valve sounds thin, and if they are too hot (under-biased) the valve oversaturates. Choose between 2 options to find the optimal tone for your production.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST, AU and AAX formats, OmniTec-67A is priced $49 for a limited time (regular $99 USD). A 14-day fully-functional trial version can be downloaded.

More information: Black Rooster Audio