Blinksonic° has announced updates for its Ruidoz & Aetønz Reaktor ensembles.

RUIDOZ V.2 is a beat generator based on the randomization of samples events. This sound design instrument can create rhythmical sequences and a wide variety of sound textures. It’s also a collection of 340 micro samples that aim to be part of rhythmic kits.

Changes in Ruidoz v2.1.9

  • Pitch Step Editor: Set different pitch values (-24/+24) on every steps of the sequencer.
  • Route LFO: LFO can now be routed to 3 others parameters than « Pitch »: Grain, Speed (Grain), Center (Random Mode) and Reverb (dry/wet).
  • External midi trigger: when the sequencer is on pause, launch RUIDOZ gate events from external midi message (keyboard, DAW midi clips, etc..).
  • Some prepared MIDI control: Control of the global pitch modulation with the Pitch wheel of your midi keyboard. The Modulation wheel is assigned to the sample selector.
  • Automation ID ready for controlling Ruidoz in other DAW (Ableton, etc..)
  • Komplete Kontrol mapping and presets ready (not tested but it should work with MASCHINE too)
  • A new punchy features is also hided in the RUIDOZ GUI! A little indication: look at the screws of the bottom faceplate ;)

BLINKSONIC introduces AETØNZ, a virtual sampler synth for playing poly harmonic textures. Add new juice to your Reaktor library with this fresh instrument! This hybrid sampler is a collection of 114 tones of various electronic and acoustic instruments.

Changes in Aetønz v1.2.2

  • Enhanced resolution for the filter depth of the Delay.
  • Automation ID ready for controlling Aetønz in other DAW (Ableton, etc..).
  • Komplete Kontrol mapping and presets ready (not tested but it should work with MASCHINE too).
  • Now “Scale” and “Root Note” are independent from snapshots changes.

Ruidoz and Aetønz are available for purchase for 19.99 EUR each. The bundle of both is 29.99 EUR.

More information: Blinksonic°