Blue Cat Audio has released version 3.0 of Dynamics, a flexible all-in-one dynamics processor plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Blue Cat’s Dynamics is a complete dynamics effect processor: it can be used as a compressor, limiter, gate, expander or even waveshaper for distortion.

Changes in Blue Cat Dynamics v3.0

  • Mac VST support.
  • Mac Audio Unit support.
  • Mid/Side processing capability.
  • New stereo linking options.
  • Enable/disable processing on each channel.
  • Customize the range of the meters and zoom/navigate in the display.
  • Automation output can now be disabled for hosts that do not propose automated parameters choice.
  • Improved accuracy of MIDI output.
  • New Presets.
  • New installer (much faster install, improved upgrades).
  • Brand new documentation.

All of Blue Cat’s plug-ins are now available at 25% discount for existing customers, until the end of May.

All our audio plugins are now available for both Mac and PC! To celebrate the event, we have decided to grant existing customers a 25% price reduction on the entire catalog (check your email!). If you are not already a customer, you can purchase our plugins and bundles with 10% off (see the Discounts page).

Visit Blue Cat Audio for more information and links to download demo versions.