Blue Cat Audio has announced an update to its multiband multi-effects plugin capable of loading third party plug-ins on separate frequency bands.

With its new new macro parameters and many new features and improvements, version 3.5 of Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer redefines multiband effects and lets you create your own, applying built-in or third party plugins on their own frequency bands.

Many factory presets have also been revisited to let users interact with the effects easily with just a few knobs, regardless of their complexity. The new version is also officially ready for for the next Pro Tools release, supporting native Apple Silicon for AAX. All other Blue Cat Audio plugins already have previews available for existing customers.

Changes in Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer v3.5

  • New macro controls editor to edit plugin parameters mapping.
  • Assign multiple parameters from multiple plugins to a single macro control, and adjust the range for each parameter.
  • Assign a name to each macro control, that is now displayed in automation lanes in most host applications (may require a session reload in some cases).
  • Parameters names for existing sessions will be automatically updated upon load.
  • Select macro knobs appearance among 18 predefined styles.
  • Updated dozens of presets with macro parameters.
  • New learn modes to quickly assign plugin parameters.
  • Added an option in global & preset input settings to send MIDI events when MIDI-enabled parameters are modified in the plugin (to update control surfaces accordingly).
  • In most plugin formats, internal audio I/O configuration can now be selected regardless of the configuration defined by the host (you can for example reduce the number of channels to save CPU and process only selected channels).
  • Improved performance to load the user interface.
  • Improved VST parameter value display in some host applications.
  • Added Apple Silicon support for AAX plugin Format.
  • Mac: installers and plugins have been notarized to avoid security warnings on Mac OS Catalina and newer.
  • Fixed bypass that did not let MIDI messages go thru for some MIDI plugins.
  • Fixed some GUI resizing issues with some VST3 plugins.
  • Fixed an issue with some VST3 plugins requiring to click twice on the bypass button to get bypassed.

The update is free to existing MB-7 Mixer users, while new customers can purchase the plugin at a discounted price of 99 USD/EUR at the Blue Cat Audio store and from distributors Plugin Boutique and ADSR Sounds until December 22nd, 2022.