Blue Cat Stereo Phaser v2.0

Blue Cat has updated Stereo Phaser and Phaser to version 2.0.

The plug-ins reproduce the typical analog phasing effect and have been modeled after vintage analog circuits.

New in 2.0:

  • Brand new skinnable graphic user interface using Blue Cat’s skinning language v1.2.2
  • Advanced MIDI control with customizable parameters curve response and MIDI learn
  • All parameters can now be fine tuned thanks to a text-edit popup window that appears when double clicking on user interface widgets
  • User Manual accessible from plug-in UI

Phaser is freeware and Phaser Stereo is offered at an introduction price of 17 EUR/$ $20.5 (normal price 19 EUR/$ 22). Upgrades for existing users are free.

Visit Blue Cat for more information.