Blue Cat Audio has announced updates to 12 of its mixing and audio analysis plugins, adding native Apple Silicon support, single installers on Mac, as well as many other improvements and fixes.

As usual the update is free for existing customers who own the latest major version of the plug-ins, and can be downloaded from the link received by email upon purchase.

At this occasion, we have setup special re-introduction offers on all these plug-ins, check them out! Extra discounts have been sent to existing customers by email.

Updated plugins include:

  • DP Meter Pro: Peak, RMS, Crest factor and dynamic range monitoring, with MIDI CC or automation generation.
  • Destructor: Distortion and amp simulation plugin.
  • FreqAnalyst Multi: Real-time multi-tracks spectrum analyzer.
  • Dynamics: Compressor, gate, limiter, expander, and waveshaper in a single plugin.
  • FreqAnalyst Pro: Real-time spectrum analyzer with advanced functionalities.
  • Liny EQ: Low latency linear phase equalizer plugin.
  • MB-5 Dynamix: The all-in-one multiband dynamics processor.
  • MB-7 Mixer: Multi-band mixing plugin and VST/VST3/AU host.
  • Oscilloscope Multi: Real-time multi-tracks waveform analyzer plugin.
  • Protector: Brickwall limiter plugin.
  • StereoScope Multi: Real-time multi-tracks stereo field analyzer.
  • StereoScope Pro: Real-time stereo field analyzer and audio to MIDI plugin.

The plugins are available for purchase from the Blue Cat Audio store and at distributor Plugin Boutique at up to 40% off the regular price until November 19th, 2021.