Plugin Alliance has announced the release of the WEDGE FORCE Keemun, a musical instrument that recreates the sound of a professionally-recorded bass DI.

The plugin is designed to let you can craft realistic and expressive bass lines with your keyboard.

Because so many of the most legendary bass lines in history have been recorded with nothing but a good DI input, Keemun gives impressively massive results right out of the box, with just a touch of EQ and other processing. But Keemun is at its best when it is REAMPED with your own favorite bass rigs and effects—whether physical or virtual—for even more unique and inspiring tones.

Ordinary sampled basses have never quite sounded realistic because the harmonic resonances of a real bass are different for each quick combination of notes. This is why WEDGE FORCE built their proprietary “Synthetic Force Engine II”. It combines studio sampled waveforms of the world’s most iconic custom-made basses and recording chains with real-time synthesized sounds.

WEDGE FORCE Keemun features

  • Near zero latency responsiveness and low CPU load, suitable for live performance.
  • Emulate finger-plucked bass sounds, including slapping and popping, fingernail picking and more.
  • Recreate picked bass sounds with the option to change your picking position and picking pattern for authentic variations in tone.
  • Variable String Damping: Mute the strings as much as you like from fully open to heavily muted or anywhere in between, using the sustain pedal of your MIDI keyboard.
  • Neck Play Position: Identical notes are available on multiple different frets on the bass neck and they all sound different. Use this function to choose your neck position across all four strings of the bass.
  • Real-Time Note Detune: A randomized detune option gives your tone more realism.
  • Release time and Velocity controls gives you control over the attack and fading of your notes.
  • MIDI CC: Use the knobs of your MIDI keyboard to control Keemun’s parameters.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, the plugin is on sale for the introductory price of $79.99 USD until November 3rd, 2021 (MSRP $199 USD). Use coupon code KEEMUNINTRO3999 at the checkout to bring the price down to $39.99 USD during the promotion. The plugin is free to download for Musician, Essential, and Mega Bundle users.

More information: Plugin Alliance