Bluenoise Plugins Bandecho

Bluenoise Plugins has released Bandecho, a tape echo effect plug-in for Windows.

Bandecho is a plugin modelled after vintage tape echoes like Roland Space Echo and Watkins Copicat, but with several extra features making it one of the best sounding echo machines available.

We believe that the sounds you can get from this beauty are far more versatile than any tape echo on the marked. So, if you are looking for everything from vintage tape echo to extreme textured delay lines, look no further!

Bandecho features

  • Tape echo rack with eight echoes. The first is the stereo tape echo that drives all the other functions. This echo can be up to 5 seconds long and can be synced to your host BPM for easy beat making. Two sliders adjust the time and in stereo mode you can set a different echo time for left and right. Also features filters that can make the echo oscillate new tones and a LFO that can modulate different sources like the mentioned cutoff filters and panning.
  • Drive rack features a self oscillating distortion to create a vintage sounding echo.
  • Effect rack includes Old Tape (tape slow down and speed up like a bad tapehead), Granilizer (gives the tape a dirty sound), Chorus, and a Comb Filter.
  • Multiecho rack consists of the six last echoes in the chain allowing for insanely wide and complex delay lines.
  • Output rack sets the plug-in as a send effect or an insert effect. It also shows the outputs for all the different delays.

Bandecho is available to purchase at a 50% off introductory sale, priced at 35 EUR.

More information: Bluenoise Plugins / Bandecho