BOOM Library has announced the release of a new sound library that focuses on all those grizzly, gnarly sounds from the monsters that walk upright.

Full of horrifying screams, bone-rattling growls, and drool-dripping snarls, the creature sounds of Creatures Humanoid are designed to leave your audiences gripping the edge of their seats.

The library was recorded using a combination of extraordinary voice acting and the skills of our experienced sound designers that find themselves needing such a library every day. The Construction Kit provides the ultra-detailed dry sounds while the Designed collection pounds in the extra flesh.

CREATURES HUMANOID covers all ranges of our future needs to feel the horrific depth of those two-legged creepers. Featuring a range of monsters from banshees and zombies to orcs and golems. The Construction Kit includes 7230 sounds with more than 26.6 GB of upright monsters and the Designed, ready-to-use version contains 540 sounds coming in at 2.2 GB.

The library is priced $179 USD / 149 EUR for the Construction Kit, $119 USD / 99 EUR for the Designed Sounds, and $239 USD / 199 EUR for the Bundle. An introductory 20% discount is available until June 14th, 2022.

More information: BOOM Library