UVI has announced the release its new hybrid orchestral instrument library Augmented Orchestra, a deep chromatic multi-sampled symphony orchestra recorded with both conventional and unconventional approaches.

Sporting a multi-part architecture with 400+ exclusive acoustic and electronic sources, Augmented Orchestra melds a world-class orchestra with processed and synthetic sounds, delivering imaginative timbres and breathtaking soundscapes. The instrument delivers deep instrument design, powerful modulation, and creative arps.

UVI Augmented Orchestra pushes deep into the creative world of hybrid instrument design, carving out new realms of twisted symphonic technique and trodding with breathtaking soundscapes. With an exclusive library of new material, showcasing over 400 expertly played and immaculately designed instrument layers and hundreds of professionally hand-crafted presets to explore, Augmented Orchestra is an expansive sonic playground ready to inspire with unique and imaginative sounds.

UVI Augmented Orchestra allows you to create incredible sonic motifs with a versatile multi-part architecture, letting you weave between 4 deeply customizable instrument layers. Utilize rich modulation, innovative arpeggiators, and powerful effects to create dynamic and moving sequences, pads, chords, melodies and more. From rich, morphing soundbeds to classic orchestral duties and everywhere in between, Augmented Orchestra is a powerful, inspirational and easy to master library for musicians of any background.

The 17.5GB library contains 520 presets, 450 layers, and a total of 62,010 samples.

Augmented Orchestra for the free UVI Workstation and Falcon is on sale for the intro price of 199 USD/EUR instead of 249 USD/EUR through June 12th, 2022.

More information: UVI / Augmented Orchestra