Plugin Boutique has announced a limited time flash sale on Soundtoys, offering selected plugins at discounts of up to 73% off for the next few days.

Save up to 73% on some of the world’s most revered music software products including the incredible Effect Rack, FilterFreak, and EchoBoy! Get now in our fall sale!

The promotion includes:

  • SuperPlate $79 USD: SuperPlate brings the unique tonal character of five classic electromechanical plate reverbs into your studio.
  • EchoBoy $79 USD: Decades of echo devices in a single plug-in. The pro standard for vocal echo.
  • Effect Rack $199 USD: Rack up 14 essential Soundtoys effects in one powerful plug-in.
  • Radiator $39 USD: Vintage vibe, drive, and the magic tone of the 1567a tube mixer. A beast on bass and drums.
  • Sie-Q $39 USD: Sie-Q features spacious highs, smooth lows, and great tones fast, bringing a whole new modeled color to your EQ
  • FilterFreak $39 USD: Fat analog sweeps, pounding filter rhythms, big hardware sound – with a dual version for double the analog attitude.

The offer expires October 1st, 2023.

More information: Soundtoys