Boom Library Medieval Weapons

Boom Library has released Medieval Weapons, a collection of construction kits and designed sound effects.

It’s done. Get ready to unleash an epic battle and blow away your audience. With our “MEDIEVAL WEAPONS” sound effects library, you get a fascinating collection of bone-crushing hammer impacts, deadly sword hits, wall-tearing catapult shots, bows and arrows, armor impacts and much more to design an incomparable medieval soundscape.

This collection comes as a CONSTRUCTION KIT with 4500+ high quality source sounds (96 kHz/24-bit) and as a DESIGNED edition with 500+ predesigned, “ready to use” sounds (96 kHz/24-bit). Berserkers and Warlords get the BUNDLE.

Medieval Weapons is available to purchase for 149 EUR (Construction Kit) / 99 EUR (Designed). A bundle of both packs is 199 EUR.

Get a 15% Early Bird Discount with the code: BOOM-MEDIEVAL

More information: Boom Library / Medieval Weapons