BOOM Library has announced the release of a free collection of Nordic War Horns recorded at the Stenhamra quarry outside Stockholm, Sweden.

The 2GB+ pack includes 294 sounds that are perfect for scenes of medieval battle in films and games, or anywhere you need to add a sense of mystic sonic wildness.

The distant calls of these NORDIC WAR HORNS summon fierce warriors and invoke terror in their enemies. Get this pack of blasts from 3 different horns performed by Wardruna’s Eilif Gundersen for FREE as our gift to you.

Included are a bukkehorn, carved from the horn of a billy goat, a neverlur, from a pine, and a bronze lur, an exact replica of a 3,000-year-old instrument on display at the National Museum in Copenhagen!

Nordic War Horns is available to download for free in 24bit/94kHz Wav format.

More information: BOOM Library