Building on its stable of highly functional and inspired Eurorack modules, Knobula has introduced the brand new Chord Pilot. Like its siblings Poly Cinematic and Kickain, Chord Pilot delivers massive functionality in a 12HP footprint, offering an entirely new way to explore note strumming, chord-based performances, multi-mode arpeggios and much more.

At its core, Chord Pilot is a Eurorack-based MIDI controller aimed at all types of music creators at any level of musicianship or technical ability.

As other modules in the Knobula family, Chord Pilot’s highly intuitive and tactile interface make performance both fun and intuitive — whether you are an expert in Eurorack or just starting out. With its powerful chord audition and preset capabilities, it is ideal tool for both studio composition and live performance, and is an ideal companion to Knobula’s groundbreaking Poly Cinematic 8 voice polysynth module.

“Chord Pilot is yet another powerful tool we have developed to help musicians express their creative visions,” says Jason Mayo, founder of Knobula.

“The fundamental principle behind Chord Pilot is that of an imaginary pair of hands that can be manipulated into various finger positions which are then used to play notes on a virtual keyboard. The end result is stacks of unusual chords and arpeggios that are otherwise impossible to describe in traditional chord notation and even harder to play with human hands.”

Chord Pilot features

  • 192 Chord memories.
  • Note Strumming.
  • Multi-mode arpeggiator.
  • Circular Chord Progressions.
  • Internal and external Clock/Gate Input.
  • Remotely select preset buttons over CV.
  • Midi In and Out.
  • 12 HP.

Chord Pilot is scheduled to begin shipping in January for £320 GBP (UK), $399 USD (US) and 399 EUR (EU). The module is available to pre-order at Perfect Circuit.

More information: Knobula