BooTweak Designs has announced the release of BooTweak, a scripted instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt 4.1+.

BooTweak is a Kontakt scripted instrument designed as an uber-template for quickly finding, editing and effecting samples spread across 8 groups. Each group is preconfigured with a full rack of insert FX, modulators and modulation assignments. Each instrument is preconfigured with a full rack of instrument insert FX and send FX. All parameters are accessible via the custom performance view, which can be controlled entirely with a midi controller with scripted controller focus technology. BooTweak features numerous Kontakt scripting innovations that enhance workflow in the studio or jamming live with Kontakt.

BooTweak main features

  • 720 programmed electronic drum samples (44 khz 24 bit .wav files) in 6 separate kits.
  • Controller focus scripting. Access and control the BooTweak interface, 1000+ parameters, with 8 midi endless encoders and 13 midi buttons.
  • Ghost octaves. Remap sounds to a 2 octave playable, programmable range, selecting notes from 10 octaves.
  • Numerous methods for easily auditioning and finding sounds from across 10 octaves with a midi controller and 2 octave keyboard without changing octaves on your keyboard.
  • Innovative group control: relative parameter value changes for multiple selected groups, as well as several group selection and manipulation options not native to Kontakt 4.
  • Patented (1000 patents pending) Platinum (sounds fancy, right?) Invisible (now with visibility!) Pyramid (shaped more like a regular coffin, actually) Preset System (modular, allowing you to change just a few or 1000+ parameters with a button press). The Patented Platinum Invisible Pyramid Preset System.
  • Comprehensive PDF manual and video tutorials already online.

BooTweak is available to purchase for the introductory launch price of $64.95 USD (regular $74.95 USD).

More information: BooTweak