Boz Digital Labs has announced the Home-O-Ween Sale, offering up to 80% off on two of its audio effect plugins for a limited time.

Nature may have played a nasty trick by forcing all of us to stay home and at a distance—but I’ve got nothing but treats for you this Halloween with huge savings on The Wall limiter and Transgressor 2 transient designer.

The Wall is a CPU- and user-friendly brickwall limiter with straightforward controls that automatically and effortlessly tailor its response to the specific character of any program material.

Boz Digital Labs The Wall blue

The Wall features

  • Makes mixes competitively loud without compromising musicality.
  • Dual limiting modes; Smooth and Aggressive.
  • CPU-friendly limiter for use on individual tracks.
  • Sanity Check normalizes levels for accurate A/B comparison.
  • Flavor fader lets you dial in character.
  • Up to 8x oversampling prevents intersample peaks.
  • MFiT button prevents clipping when encoding to lossy formats.

Transgressor 2 sets a new standard for transient design by combining transient shaping with two 4-band equalizers, giving you the unprecedented power to EQ attack and sustain individually.

Boz Digital Labs Transgressor 2

Transgressor 2 features

  • Dual 4-band EQs slopes independently treat attack and sustain.
  • Gain controls boost or cut transients and sustain independently.
  • Adjustable transient detector eliminates false triggers caused by bleed.
  • Three sidechain modes with “listen” feature to monitor sidechain signal.
  • Redesigned display and meters let you dial in settings with visual feedback for extra ease.
  • Functions like an external trigger via MIDI note-on to create transients.

The plugins are on sale for only $29 USD each until November 5th, 2020.

More information: Boz Digital Labs