Brainspawn has announced the release of Forte 4, a performance oriented VST plugin host for Windows.

Brainspawn Forte 4

We are pleased to announce the next major version of Forte software. Forte 4 is now ready and contains dozens of usability and performance improvements.

Changes in Forte 4

  • Simplified and better looking SceneView.
  • Simplified and improved usability of tempo and transport features.
  • Scene/Set Browser.
  • Completely redesigned rack modules.
  • Dynamic Transpose: Transpose up or down in real time from SceneView.
  • Configure Transpose per scene, per song, per set.
  • Each Scene now has settings for MIDI Sync, BPM, play/start bar, rewind on stop, meter, and fade time.
  • Cue Images: assign SceneView images to songs or scenes within a set. Even assign different images to the same scene used in different songs.
  • Bus Adjustment Mix in SceneView.
  • Completely new rack/scene editor.
  • Completely new Global MIDI Automation editor.
  • …and many other things.

Forte 4 for Windows is available for an introductory price of $99 USD (Preformer) / $299 USD (Producer).

Visit Brainspawn for more information.