Bram Bos Monostudio

Bram Bos has released Monostudio, a realtime effects processor with built-in vintage drumcomputer.

Monostudio enriches the sonic palette of the already extremely versatile Korg Monotron analogue ribbon synthesizer. It allows you to easily record your jamming to wave-files, adds a classic drumcomputer (inspired by the vintage Korg Minipops) and spices up the sound with tempo-synced digital effects.

Monostudio uses ASIO and highly optimized signal processing to give you realtime, ultra low-latency effects processing.

Whether you’re sound designing or just noodling around, Monostudio adds to the funfactor of your Korg Monotron.

Monostudio features

  • Works with any microphone or audio input port.
  • Adds distortion, stereo delay and tempo-sync gatemasking.
  • Includes drumcomputer based on the vintage Korg Minipops drum machines.
  • Records your jams to WAV.
  • Uses ASIO for ultra-low latency audio processing.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Monostudio is available as a free download for Windows PC, donations are much appreciated.