Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on BreakTweaker, offering 80% off on the beat machine plugin by iZotope for a limited time only.

PIB BreakTweaker sale

Make beats you’ve never heard before. Built on a futuristic MicroEdit Engine, BreakTweaker turns everything you know about rhythm on its head.

Designed by BT and developed by iZotope, BreakTweaker is not just a drum machine: it’s a drum sculpting and beat sequencing environment that blurs the line between rhythm and melody. Give your beats an ever-evolving depth that gets better the longer they play. Use rhythmic slicing to drive everything from pitched melodic lines to sweeping rhythmic overtures. Top it all off with the best drum sample library in existence, curated by BT, iZotope, and top producers today. Explore a new era of rhythmic possibilities with this forward-thinking and forward-sounding instrument.

BreakTweaker for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is on sale until June 3rd, 2016.

More information: Plugin Boutique / BreakTweaker