Brent Lehman Orz

Brent Lehman has released Orz v0.1, a free fully modular synth featuring TRAMS oscillator technology.

Orz features four envelopes, four oscillators, four delay units, four filters, four LFOs, four noise generators, two ring modulators, two step functions (also known as bitcrushers and amplitude quantizers), two sample-and-hold units, six freely routable user controls, and partial patch saving and loading.

Updated in v0.1

  • Orz now saves and loads patches through the host
  • Partial patch saving and loading were simplified and reduced in functionality
  • The routings section was flattened so all routing settings are always visible
  • The layout was changed altogether
  • The slider style was changed
  • The routing combo boxes show “====” instead of “None”
  • The “nasty DC thing at the smallest possible negative value” bug was fixed

Check the Orz webpage for more information and a link to download Orz.