Bret Truchan — developer of homebrew music applications glitchDS, cellsDS and repeaterDS — has released Quotile, a PC MIDI sequencer written in Processing.

Bret Truchan Quotile

Quotile sequencer user interface

I’m happy to announce my new PC MIDI sequencer: “Quotile”. In short, it’s a strange little PC step sequencer where patterns can be mutated, stretched, or otherwise modified using an old-school command line interface.

As usual, it’s completely free, and it’s now publicly available for testing. So far, only PC users have been successful in running it. It’s programmed in Processing using the Midibus library.

Quotile features

  • 6 playback sequencers which can be sent to any midi device on your system
  • lots of fun commands, like “stretch”, “echo”, “copyquarter”, etc.
  • command line interface with type-ahead and history
  • create your own commands using “beanshell” (see documentation)
  • supports scripting

Quotile is available as freeware for Windows PC.

Visit the Quotile website for more information. (Link via CDM)