BV Music BV29 Stringray

BV Music has released BV29 Stringray, a freeware synth made with SynthMaker.


  • 6 Wavetable Osc, 1 Noise Osc
  • Wavetable Pitch modulator
  • Wavetable and Step LFO
  • SV Filter
  • ADSR, ADSR (Noise osc), ADSRV (Filter cutoff), ADSV (Pre-amp)
  • 3 Envelope followers 1 each for the LFO, PM and Step LFO
  • Effects: Echo, Delay, Flangus, Parametric Eq, Gate
  • Mono switch
  • Master Octave Select and Wave Select
  • Scope analyzer
  • 3 X/faders
  • 20 Presets

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