BV Music BV20

BV Music has updated BV20 to version 20.8, which is basically a totally rebuilt version of BV20.

Changes in v20.8

  • Added: 3 more Wavetable osc’s, 3 X/faders, 3 Pan pots, Wavetable Osc to PM, Wavetable Osc to Lfo, Master wave control and Master octave control
  • Replaced: Flanger with Flangus, Global Envelope follower with 3 Smaller ones and 3 band Eq with Parametric Eq.
  • Removed: 2 Filters, 2 Step Lfo’s, Pre-amp and Saturation.
  • New presets

Visit BV Music for more information and a link to download the latest version of BV20.