Bvker has announced the release of a free Phonk drum kit that comes with everything you need to start making phonk beats. Lunatic Phonk includes tuned 808s, cowbells, drum hits, drum, FX, and melodies.

The pack starts with 25 drum hits taken from our premium libraries “Disrupted Phonk” and “Neurotic Phonk.” You’ll get cymbals, hats, tambourines, heavy-hitting kicks, and dirty snares. Certainly, everything has been normalized and rendered in 24-bit quality.

As a bonus, we decided to give you additional sounds, including every element you can hear in the demo beat. This includes FX sounds, like impacts, atmos, or sweep downs; BPM-labeled drum loops, which you can use to start new ideas quickly; and tuned cowbells to create your own melodies.

The royalty free sample pack is available to download from the Bvker website.