C-Thru Music AXiS 49

C-Thru Music has announced it is now shipping the AXiS 49, a velocity sensitive MIDI input device designed to help you make music with your computer.

This is for composing, arranging, and overdubs. There is no pitch bend or mod wheel, and no knobs or sockets for pedals, so you can tell the AXiS-49 is not designed to be primarily a live performance instrument. But the Harmonic Table is great to have with you on the tour bus, or beside you when you’re creating on your PC or Mac, or turntables. The AXiS-49 doesn’t duplicate (knobs, wheels, sounds etc.) but adds the Harmonic Table in a convenient size.

AXiS 49 features

  • Keyboard features 14 columns of 7 notes in Harmonic Table format.
  • Velocity sensitive.
  • Plug ‘n’ Play USB device.
  • Up-Octave, Down-Octave (together to reset and send All_Notes_Off) can be set from -3 to +3 octaves.
  • Sends MIDI notes 0-120 (0-48,12-60,24-72,36-84,48-96,60-108,72-120).
  • Includes note name stickers.

The AXiS 49 is available for purchase for the introductory price of $470 USD (US price, ex. CAT VAT, check here for details on ordering worldwide).

Visit C-Thru Music for more information.