NuGen Audio Visualizer

NuGen Audio has released version 1.7 of Visualizer, an audio analysis suite for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Visualizer v1.7

  • PDC option added.
  • Spectrum analysis peak envelope improved in banded modes.
  • Level meter clip warning now respects ‘number to clip’ parameter.
  • Level meter margin now respects ‘peak hold time’ parameter.
  • -20dBFS Pink Noise fixed.
  • Audio Unit sample rate change in existing projects issue fixed.

Visualizer is available for $89 USD. A demo version for Mac and Windows can be downloaded from the product page.

NuGen Audio is having a Group Buy in March. You can now get up to 55% discount across the entire range of products. Currently Visualizer is already at the discounted price of $57 USD.

Visit NuGen Audio for more information.