Cableguys has announced an update to the ShaperBox 2 multi-effect plugin that powers 6 individual plugins.

Version 2.2 comes with powerful new features and workflow-enhancing improvements, based on both user feedback and Cableguys’ own ongoing roadmap for its flagship effects plugin.

FilterShaper Core 2‘s new Stereo Offset control brings exciting stereo filtering to your tracks. Increase it to raise the Cutoff in the left channel by up to 60 semitones, while lowering Cutoff by the same amount in the right channel. Decreasing does the opposite.

With LP and HP filter types, Stereo Offset emphasises the signal in one speaker. With Phaser, Notch and Peak filter types, the whole signal seems to expand and fill the stereo space. And try it with BP filters to highlight two separate frequency ranges. Modulate the filters to hear your sounds dance across the speakers!

Hear what Stereo Offset can do in a new tutorial, also featuring the new easier Envelope Follower.

Other changes in ShaperBox 2 include:

  • Easy 1-slider Envelope/Compressor to dial in envelope following in Filter/Crush/Width/Pan Shapers with an always-visible envelope Amount slider and On/Off button. VolumeShaper’s Compressor works in the same way, with a slider for Ratio.
  • Skew selection to easily adjust your waveform’s intensity over time.
  • Improved Snap function (magnet icon) is now a simple on/off toggle that works not only for single LFO points, but also for your selections.
  • Set your own preset for automatic loading at startup.
  • 2x lower CPU in TimeShaper 2: An improved algorithm delivers even higher quality downpitching and is easier on your CPU.
  • Wave Switch Smoothing: Switching LFO Wave Presets is now smoothed, preventing clicks and pops that could sometimes previously occur. Works whether you are switching with MIDI, automation, or by clicking in the interface.
  • MIDI Trigger LED: Visualize MIDI input in ’MIDI On’ and ’On (1-Shot)’ modes, flashing with every MIDI note received, to aid setup.
  • Reset Shaper: Via the Main Menu, instantly initialize the current Shaper with the default empty preset, or one of its 3 Quick Presets.
  • macOS 11 Big Sur compatible.

ShaperBox 2 (VST/AU) is currently on sale for $89 USD as part of a Black Friday promotion. The update is a free download to ShaperBox 2 owners from their Cableguys account.

More information: Cableguys