Cableguys has released VolumeShaper, a simple but unique gate effect.

VolumeShaper allows detailed modulation of a signal’s volume to create interesting rhythmic strings, shape a bass sound, destroy vocal recordings, or create vivid shaker rhythms out of high-passed white noise.

Cableguys VolumeShaper

VolumeShaper features

  • Draw volume curves.
  • Wav selection at any position in your song.
  • Loop length option.
  • Record and play back any point movements.
  • Automation of all parameters.

Even with heavy modulations, with tempo changes in the host or jumping at different positions of a song, the modulation always stays in sync.

VolumeShaper is available for Windows PC and costs 10 EUR / $15 USD. A fully functional demo version is available (only one instance of the plugin can be used at the same time).

Visit Cableguys for more information and a link to download the demo version of VolumeShaper.