Caelum Audio has released a new free sample pack featuring a collection of loops and samples created with the sounds of a grandfather clock.

Between the ghostly hours of midnight and 2am, our dear David meticulously recorded his late Grandfather’s clock. He captured the chimes, keys, ticks, winder and weighted strings, while also peculiarly (and spookily) hitting it with mallets and spoons. The result is 85x dry samples and 21x produced samples; 7x kicks, 4x Snares, 3x Misc & 7 Loops.

The Terror Clock pack is free to download at the Caelum Audio website.

Additionally, all commercial products are offered at a 30% discount until November 3rd, 2022. Use coupon SPOOKY22 at the checkout to take advantage of the offer.

More information: Caelum Audio