Homegrown Sounds has released version 1.2 of its Cassetto Kontakt instrument. The update includes a 3rd LFO and Envelope for the virtual synthesizer instrument.

Homegrown Sounds Cassetto

The idea behind Cassetto was to create a synthesizer which has an old and slightly faulty sound as well as a fairly fixed yet interesting architecture. The end result is a synth with it’s own character and capable of some very unique tones. Although Kontakt is often used for complex samples, Cassetto uses sampled oscillators so that it is a true synthesizer and all sounds are constructed in the same way as any other subtractive synth, it comes with 200 presets with more to come, however it is also a synth that invites you to make your own.

Changes in Cassetto v1.2

  • Added Filter Swap Button which exchanges the settings of the filters.
  • Added Buttons to assign LFO→Volume amounts to pitch instead.
  • Sequencer Lights now switch off when no notes are playing.
  • Added LFO Sync Mode.
  • Added Advanced Panel with extra controls for FX.
  • Added LFO3 with destinations for Resonance 1 & 2, Filter 1 & 2 and LFO1 Frequency.
  • Added ENV3 with destinations for Resonance 1 & 2, Filter 1 & 2, LFO1 Frequency and LFO3 Level.
  • No Purge Option added (‘P’ next to ‘D’ in the master section.
  • Oscillator Waves now have a randomizer each.
  • Improved delay contamination when changing presets.
  • Some sliders can now have negative values so that 0 is the centre, a black mark at the centre of the scale shows this.

Cassetto is available for $14.99 USD during a Group Buy until October 31st, 2016.

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Cassetto