Acustica Audio Nebula 3

CD Sound Master has released Tape Booster +, a sound library for Nebula created as a compliment to the R2R-The Essential Analog Tape Collection.

“Tape Booster +” represents the second stage of our unique “building block” concept for providing the most accurate and dimensional representation of the analog tape sound.

With “R2R-The Essential Analog Tape Collection”, the user has a collection of the most sought after tape machines working ‘at spec’ and even beyond. These machines not only operate amazingly on their own, but because of the accuracy of their dynamic settings they provide us with the perfect stage 1 template to build upon for higher levels of volume due to saturation.

This second stage, “Tape Booster +”, allows the user to add several decibels of natural tape saturation to their recordings. With R2R loaded, the authenticity from low to medium gain and distortion is unbeatable, and it also works well on its own!

Tape Booster + is available to purchase for $39 USD.

More information: CD Sound Master