CDSoundMaster Classic Console Collection

CDSoundMaster has announced the release of its Classic Console Collection suite of audio software plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

These audio plug-ins allow users the use of real analog vintage mixing consoles in their digital mixes using the latest technology. There are five different consoles in the collection, and each can be purchased individually or they can be purchased together at a savings.

These Audio Plug-Ins are created with ultra-realistic, 3D Rendered Graphical User Interfaces, or GUI’s, that allow the user to enjoy the look and feel of the original consoles they are using.

“Our Classic Consoles look, sound, and operate like the real analog desks they represent” says Michael Angel, CDSoundMaster, “… because they are created by recording through the actual original consoles.”
CDS has worked with a process called “V.V.K.T.”, or Vectorial Volterra Kernels Technology for several years now, and when used with an excellence in procedure, signal integrity, and editing, it provides the user with a nearly identical result to using the original console.

The Classic Console Collection is available to purchase for Windows and Mac (VST/AU with included AU Manager), priced at $225 USD. A free, fully functional MCI console program from the collection is also available directly from CDSoundMaster.

More information: CDSoundMaster / Classic Console Collection