Centipeak ProTrig

Centipeak has released version 1.3 of ProTrig, a drum trigger plug-in for Windows.

ProTrig is an audio plugin which transforms realtime audio drums into midi notes which can be sent to any virtual instrument like Easy Drummer, Addictive Drums, Sample Tank and others.

Brand new technology has resulted in a lightning fast, ultra accurate audio triggering engine. ProTrig is the most sophisticated and advanced product for replacing/adding/enhancing drums.

No matter if you are playing on a perfectly rigged drumkit or just jamming on your kneecaps – ProTrig will do the trick.

Changes in ProTrig v1.3

  • Substantial improvements of the triggering-engine. Hit detection is now even more accurate than before, with increased speed and stability. Some known performance issues have been eliminated.
  • Time-shift-control added. Allows control over the timing of the MIDI-events sent by ProTrig. Can be used to fine tune the exact timing of the hit to fit the original recording in order to produce a tighter result.
  • Extended and improved MIDI-handling. Support for direct communication with MIDI-output devices has been added. When used in conjunction with a loop-back MIDI-driver, ProTrig now also works with Sonar, Samplitude and other hosts that doesn’t support MIDI-output from Audio Effects.
  • Audio ducking has been greatly improved, it now supports cross-track ducking through a new internal send/receive system. Mutes or lowers the volume of a track when a hit occurs on another track.
  • Monophonic mode added. Makes MIDI-output monophonic. This can, for example, make the notes not overlap when recording MIDI-tracks.

ProTrig is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for $69 USD (excl. VAT).

Visit Centipeak for more information.