Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on the GRIP Valve Drive Compressor, offering 70% off on the powerful dynamic processor by CFA-Sound.

GRIP delivers compression with character with a hybrid design that features an accurate emulation of legendary German vintage tubes of the 1960s and a modern VCA compressor workhorse.

With the flexible and intuitive design, you can use GRIP as vintage compressor with the warm and rich sound of the valve tube circuit, or without to have a clean-as-possible compressor on your track. Both core elements featuring a mix control, so you can also make use of the famous “New York”/parallel compression. AND it also means, you can use GRIP as pure valve drive effect – to warm up vocals, give drums more egde or basslines way more heat!

Futhermore the valve drive emulation features 2 different taste of drive – Triode aswell as Pentode mode. Triode will enhance the sound in a more musical way by adding even harmonics and that “warmth”, while the Pentode mode will add more odd harmonics and makes the sound more crunchy.

Available in VST and AU plugin formats, GRIP is priced £7.95 GBP / $10 USD until August 7th, 2022.

More information: Resonance Sound