The Unfinished has launched the 2020 The Unfinished Christmas Sale, an opportunity to get selected sounds libraries at a 40% discount.

I’m keeping things super simple again. Everything is 40% off except for the most recent Zebra Nordsunds (Dusk and Snow) and associated bundles, as well as Diva Phenom 3 & 4 and associated bundles.

The code is THEWOLVESARERUNNING and it will run from 11th to 31st of December.

Fill up your shopping carts with top notch synth sounds and have fun over the winter making new music, my friends.

Note that bundle upgrades are not available during the Christmas Sale period.

The Unfinished has also released a free vocal sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt 6.

Aanaa – The Unfinished Choir comprises of 6 choir patches and 6 vocal drones.

The samples were created by me singing into a Aston Spirit microphone that went into a UAD 6176 analogue channel strip. Then the recordings were processed and transformed using some of my favourite plug-ins from developers such as Eventide, Soundtoys, UAD and Valhalla.

Aanaa is 150mb in size when uncompressed and uses the .ncw format to keep the file footprint as small as possible.

More information: The Unfinished